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Need Help With WordPress? This Article Can Help!

WordPress is praised by bloggers for good reason. Sadly, there are just as many potential users who aren’t getting what they could from WordPress. Read on to learn some of the most important ideas to help you make the most of WordPress.

Choose a unique design to make your site stand out from the competition. You may be tempted to choose from the first couple of pages, but if you do, your blog will be very commonplace. Your site should be unique and reflect your personality.

Educate yourself on WordPress before you get started. The more planning you do ahead of time, the better off you will be when you begin. Learn about SEO, content creation, and how WordPress can best be used to your advantage.

Clean up comments and content that don’t add anything to your website. This keeps your site more user-friendly to visitors. You can filter spam …

Get More From Your IPad With This Advice

iPads pack a whole lot of functionality into a slim little package. When first using your iPad, you may be overwhelmed with all its features. Read the below article for some excellent tips on how to better use this innovative new device.

Currently Running

Know which apps are running on your iPad. Sometimes, the current apps will not be visible in the foreground. Double-click Home to see what’s currently running. The apps which are currently running appear in the bar located low on your screen. Swipe in the down direction to hide the bar when you’ve finished.

If you are tired of being prompted to join various Wi-Fi networks, change your settings. Opt out of the Ask To Join setting. Choose this and all those invitations will stop.

The iPhone charger was NOT build for the iPad. Your iPad requires higher wattage to charge than an iPod does. You will …